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Custom control and monitoring systems
. LED lighting
. HVAC systems
. Servos, motors and actuators
. Pumps and valves
. Building management
Automated Solutions provide a customised design & manufacturing service to meet the requirements of clients who need electronic controls integrated into their product designs.

We can provide one-off working examples, as well as both low and high volume orders, with OEM options available upon request. All our hardware is manufactured using high quality, robust components and undergoes a thorough testing programme prior to delivery.

Control and telemetry data can be stored, processed and accessed in real time via our cloud based systems, whatever your requirements and location.
Our cloud systems have the advantage of reducing commissioning and deployment times, saving you time and money.

Examples of our work:
Land based vehicles
  • Hybrid & fully autonomous control
  • Telemetry of engine, vital systems, location, and vehicle health in real time
  • Remote control and monitoring of all operations from a centralised command, control centre
  • Speed, tachometer, lighting, horn, CTIS, and fuel monitoring etc
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Collision avoidance - real time
  • Waypoint navigation & route planning
  • Communication control mechanisms - RF, Multi-channel RF, Sat-Comms, Jamming mitigation

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Vessel control
  • Local, remote and hybrid autonomous helm control
  • Fly-by-wire
  • Engine telemetry & control
  • Hydraulic & electrical actuation of the vessel control mechanisms
  • Autopilot including waypoint and fully autonomous navigation
  • Collision avoidance - proactive & realtime
  • Remote multi-user command terminal
  • Communication control mechanisms - RF, Multi-channel RF, Sat-Comms with jamming mitigation