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LED Drivers & Dimmers
. Network connected
. PWM square wave outputs
. High power drive circuit
. Scalable
. Open command set
Modern LED technology requires we take a new approach to control and monitoring. The use of yesterdays leading and trailing edge switchgear and dimmers causes inherent and unwanted side effects such as flickering and ringing.

illumNet, overcomes all these issues and is our proprietary control solution for LEDs.

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Our illumNet range of LED dimmers include:

  • Full range dimming of all suitable low voltage LEDs
  • Ethernet control via free iOS app
  • Integration with existing 0-10V drivers
  • Dimming of LEDs rated from 12v to 48V
  • High power solution, rated to 9A per channel on our standard 3 channel dimmer (offering 108W@12V, 216W@24V on each channel)
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